heiress [air-is]
A woman who inherits or has a right of inheritance, especially a woman who has inherited or will inherit considerable wealth.

Whether you are aware of it or not, this describes YOU.

Here is a small secret for you; I am not going to inherit billions of dollars when I take over my “family business.” Nor do I spend my time traveling to incredible places like Cannes or the Maldives regularly. (Maybe someday!) I don’t own a pair of shoes that costs more than $100. (My $100 shoes are from my wedding so that barely counts…) I live in a condo, not a penthouse. I am happily my families 24 hours chauffeur and we parade around town in our uber luxurious 2014 Rav-4. I am a 100% normal, twenty something stay at home momma.

Now your curiosity is peaking, I know. Why on earth would I consider myself an heiress? Why would I consider YOU an heiress? Two words: Kingdom truth.

Now, when many people think of ‘kingdoms’ they think of fancy European monarchies. While that sounds lavish and wonderful, that is not what I am talking about. Cinderella is a wonderful rags to riches story, but what I am talking about is even better!

I am talking about the simple, yet earth shattering truth that we belong to the Kingdom of heaven. (Stay with me here.) While your live may seem mundane on earth, your eternal inheritance is one that compares to nothing that we can imagine.

Now, this may seem silly so think about because why on earth would I think about that? What good does this do me now while I live my life here on earth? Excellent question.

Rather than living each day grinding away at work, trying to “make it” through the week, how about you try living each day like you are an heiress? Now I am not talking about going out and purchasing expensive things or dropping everything for a month long vacay.

I am talking about living each day knowing that you are beautiful, tremendously loved, and forever provided for. (You’re a freaking princess, don’t argue with me on this.)

That what heiresses do right? They are confident, they know that they have a flourishing future based on their family money and they know that they are VERY well taken care of.

Well, so are you. So am I. Just in a slightly different, yet much BIGGER way more life shattering way. A heavenly Kingdom way. A way that will never cease regardless of the stock market. A guaranteed-to-rock-your-world way.

My challenge for you; live like an heiress. Have an heiress mentality. I’ll be right here doing it with you and sharing my heiress lifestyle along the way! I hope that you join me, because you deserve it more than anyone!